On This Day Last Year

Last year I celebrated my birthday in Las Vegas and then rented a Mustang convertible and road-tripped up to Utah and then out to camp in Joshua Tree before heading to Los Angeles, Palm Springs and then finally finishing up in Nashville, TN. It was an amazing trip and so much to share from it…here are a few pics from a shoot I did on this day 1 year ago in the Mojave desert 🐫 🏜 🌡

This marks the beginning of getting constant with me blog, catching up on all my travels from the last few years which has seen me travel all over the world and checking off a few continents along the way!

I have lived an amazing life full of experiences that make up one helluva story, and I am beyond excited to start sharing it with all that choose to stop by my little corner of the net!

🍻 Johnny

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