Rockin With Rocket

Hey all, thanks for stopping by my page.  I have the blog section labeled Rockin With Rocket because it entails all that is me…I am a high-energy person and I live life with a passion so Rockin feels like the right word and as for Rocket…I am a man of many nicknames, but Rocket is by far my favorite of them all even though not many people in my day-to-day life now refer to me as Rocket, and few even know if it…back in the day a friend of mine got on a demo-crew tearing down a house for a friend of his.  When I showed up, he handed me a crowbar and told me to tear up a hard-wood floor.  So I set to it and tore the hell outta that floor a lot faster than he expected, so he pointed me in the direction of a bathroom and told me to tear it down, and again in short time…DONE! After that, he turned to my friend and said, “I love your boy, I point him a direction and he just goes, like a rocket…needless to say, he and I became friends.

Years later, life brought us back together again, but this time I would work for him in a far more enjoyable environment…bartending at a club in New York City.  When he introduced me, he introduced me as Rocket, and that was that…thats all anyone knew me as or called me…I was even on the schedule as ‘Rocket’

So there’s a little backstory…I love to travel and I have be blessed to see amazing places, and amass what I consider a strong life resume filled with highs and lows and I look forward to sharing them all with you who choose to read them. Its my hope that they will not only entertain, but what I really hope is to help you awaken to your innermost self to the possibilities our universe offers and if you are not happy with your life and want more out of it…I hope to inspire you to take the first step to STOP dreaming of the life you wish you had, and start living it!   If you want or even need help contact me…helping other feel better and happier is what gives me joy!

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